Meet Oakstead

Oakstead Tree & Property Care is a family business.

Oakstead Tree & Property Care is a family business. Richard, Jon, and Paul Heinrichs, are the “roots” of this company. In addition to the incredible diversity of knowledge and experience they bring to every Oakstead job, we also bring the dependability, work ethic, and sweat that can only come with family.

​Richard Heinrichs (Dad) has been working with trees in forests, orchards, and urban areas since 1979, as a profession. He is a forest technician and an ISA Certified Arborist. He is passionate about trees. Due to the diversity and extent of his experiences in this field,  he has the fullest appreciation of how important trees are for us and what we can do to make their lives better. His greatest satisfaction and reward however comes with helping people improve the environment where they live whether its planting a tree, restoring an neglected property, or trying preserve a treasured senior tree on a construction site. Is there anything more rewarding than making people happier?

Jon managed his own landscaping company in Saanich during the university years and several more years after, before joining up with Dad 4 years ago. Jon is Oakstead’s operations manager. He provides strong leadership for field crews and training. He does amazing hedging and pruning and is jack of all trades problem solver.

​Paul joined the company shortly after completing his diploma in Business and serves the company with business planning, advertising and marketing, mechanical skills, and is seasoned at all Oaksteads field operations as well.

Together with an additional field crew of three or more, Oakstead will take care of anything you may need on your property. We are an amazing team!


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