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About Oakstead

Oakstead Tree & Property Care is a family business that has operated in the lower Victoria island region for 10 years. Richard and Jon Heinrichs are the “roots” of this company. When one of us comes to help you, you’re in good hands. In addition, we bring an enormous range of tree care knowledge from mechanical support to environmental protection.

We have all the major certifications that allow us to handle even the biggest problems. As well, what differentiates us from the single man teams out there, we own all the tools and equipment necessary to support our client’s needs.

Unlike some giant corporations, we’re the company that you can rely on. We respond to every estimate request. Frankly, we know how annoying it is when you send an email into the void. Did it send? Is the company on a break? We care about our clients, and want you to feel cared for.

Richard Heinrichs

Richard has been caring for the trees and forests of British Columbia for over 35 years! His work has included urban forestry, tree health assessments, fighting forest fires, and forest management. He has worked all over British Columbia including Vancouver Island, Skeena, and the Southern Interior.

Richard is also a Fish and Wildlife Technician. Over the years he has worked as a forest ecosystem specialist, a planner and advisor to industry and government agencies. His focus was on protecting biodiversity, ecological function, fish habitat, and wildlife habitat, through forest management. He assisted in the development of 3 provincial land use plans, and their implementation, in this role. He has developed ecosystem-based forest management solutions and many residential, forest, and watershed scale biodiversity strategies, that are still active today.

Richard Heinrichs Profile
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Jon Heinrichs

Jon is Oakstead’s operations and office manager. As well, he is the company’s field leader. He has over 15 years of experience in the field and works on many of our projects.

From 2006 to 2011, Jon worked in Saanich during the summers managing his landscaping company, College Guys Labour. From 2011 to 2014, Jon ran this company full-time, growing it to support more than 500 regular clients and a three-man crew, before forming Oakstead. Jon has completed his Arborist certifications, and is certified to climb and assess a variety of trees in British Columbia.