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Lawn Services

We offer lawn mowing and edge trimming in the Saanich and Victoria areas at competitive rates, with discounts for recurring visits. We use the Hondo GXE line to ensure quality.

Moss is a natural byproduct of coastal living. With that said, it can be unsightly and a nuisance to clear out. We use a non-toxic chemical solution to kill the moss safely.

How’s your lawn doing? Does it need fresh soil and sprinkle of grass seeds? Is it at the point of needing to put down completely new sod? We’ll give you the facts and a fair price.

Rototilling is machine-driven tilling. It breaks up hardened clumps of dirt in gardens to make gardening easier and more effective.

Plants need oxygen just like us. Aeration is used once plants have begun to grow and is a controlled process to stimulate environmental growth.

Thatch is a building up dead plant matter. It appears most often on lager lawns where it prevents water and nutrients from seeping into plant roots thus slowing growth.

Garden Services

Composition, alignment, material resilience. These are all concepts that master designers use to develop ideal gardenscapes for their clients. As designers, we have constructive conversations with our clients to craft their ideal space within their boundaries.

What separates us from other property care services? We have a dedicated mechanical engineer with a construction specialization! Not only will your gardenscape be beautiful, it’ll be built to last! Some companies cut corners with their materials, but Oakstead doesn’t to save you money in the long run.

So, you’ve got your garden tilled and ready for some tulips and perennials. Great! But, have you ever considered having a more complex and flavorful space? We can source, provide, and plant more specialized plants for your gardenscape. We provide native plants and healthy trees that add a unique, year-round flair.

Oakstead has garden maintenance services for deep root purges, fertilization, and promoting plant growth. When you leave on a trip you make sure your pets are taken care of, why not do the same for plants? Your garden will thank you for taking care of it when you couldn’t.

It’s therapeutic to pull weeds. It’s also not the most effective way to prevent unsightly blights on your lawn and in your garden if you don’t have the right tools. We have the right tools to make sure weeds stay gone. Mulch helps prevents weeds from poking through by depriving them of the sunlight they need to grow.

Adding more than just flowers to a garden bed will spice up the flavor of your space. If you’re more experienced, you may have thought about adding a shrub wall or other large scale decorations. These can be difficult to integrate with your space and we can help fine tune the process with our years of experience.

Homegrown mulch and compost are things of beauty. The rich smell of life-giving earth is something more people should appreciate. We’ll give you the knowledge, then set you up with all the equipment to grow a gorgeous compost mulch pile that is perfect for your current soil composition.

Air spade excavation is used for removing delicate greenery. The compressed air digs through dirt and soil while not breaking the root system that traditional spades would cut. This tool is perfect for transplanting large sized plants, shrubs, or small trees.

City and local water is treated to be optimally healthy for humans but not necessarily healthy for plants. Rainwater irrigation bypasses city water restrictions during droughts and is more environmentally friendly in a multitude of ways. Consider rainwater irrigation if you’re looking to give back to nature.

We’re always working with large scale organizations to showcase their greatness. If your organization is looking to cleanup its property to, contact us for a consultation and to audit the grounds to improve your image.