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Tree & Forest Services

Trees are beautiful. They give us so much and take so little. Studies show that a healthy tree on your front yard can increase property value by over $7,000. That dollar amount doesn’t even factor into the mental health improvements. If these are both true, why wouldn’t you want more foliage in your life?

Now, it is a small amount of work, but it’s important work to make sure your trees not only survive, but thrive! Oakstead can help you with that responsibility, and, reduce risks and cost. Our goal is to help you live a better life by taking care of your environment.

Tree Services

Trees really don’t know when to stop, do they? Sure you can get the small ones, but the bigger branches might need some bigger cutters. We’ll get the big ones, and leave the important ones.

Is the tree causing more problems than it’s solving? Is it dead and does it need to be removed to make space for a new tree? We have the training and equipment to remove it safely and quickly.

Clean, well-kept shrubs are a thing of beauty. We’re quick, mess-free, and have a fine eye for hedge detailing.  Oakstead can schedule reoccuring visits to guarntee availability.

Weak trees get weaker, unless something is done. By reinforcing and bracing trees, we can return them to their maximum strength to stand tall as a sign of life and beauty.

How do I ensure my saplings reach maturity? Which tree would perform best on this land? We’ll get you started and explain techniques as well as give practical advice on maintaining growth.