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Land Clearing

Clearing a new lot? We can start by helping you out with the tree permitting process.

If you are clearing for a house, the surveyor will generally be required to survey all the trees on the property as part of the overall property survey. Unless you are living in an area without tree bylaws, chances are you will need to have each of your trees assessed to a minimum level by an arborist. Having the trees located on your survey plan will allow the arborist to determine the impacts of the building footprint, driveways, utility trenches, etc., to the trees. The arborist will also determine if the species, condition, or danger of the tree, make the tree unsuitable for the location they are in. Protected trees will also be identified. Once the Tree Cutting Permit is obtained, specified trees may be removed.

It would be our pleasure to assist you with any of this process; from the tree permit application to the removal of trees, and the planting of ‘replacement trees”.