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Climate Change

Global warming is well documented, and symptoms of it are being demonstrated around the globe. If weather patterns in the last 20 years are indicative, this part of the planet is experiencing not only record high temperatures and drying, but also, in keeping with warming, receiving increased wildfire activity as well. Designing your property with plants that can adapt to and survive climate change just makes sense. For example, due to warmer summers in the last few years, you only have to look around to see that Grand Fir and Cedar are dying all over the south island due to drought. In addition, with increasing demands on local water supplies, and increasing restrictions on water use, it’s getting harder and harder, to keep up with some of your more water demanding plants (i.e. cedar hedges). Oakstead has solutions, from xeric gardening, to installation of a rainwater collection systems. Biological diversity = resiliency to Climate Change. Call us for a free consultation.