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Stump Grinding Services

Why Oakstead is the right choice for stump grinding services?


We, at Oakstead, believe strongly in the preservation of nature. That’s why we refuse to use harmful chemicals to remove obtrusive stumps. Not only are stump-removing chemicals dangerous, their long-term environmental effects to the surrounding area can cause blight to the natural vegetation. A mechanical approach is best when considering the overall health of the area.

What does Oakstead use?


We use an industry standard Alpine Magnum Stihl TS 694. Our stump grinder works very effectively on all sizes of stumps. It is very versatile and can work directly beside structures such as fences and buildings. In addition, we can fit it into any backyard, and is uniquely, effective on steeper slopes compared to competing stump grinders.

How long does it take?


It usually takes a day, but it really depends on the size of the stump, the depth of the roots, and how much of the stump you reduced. Once we see the project we will be able to give a better estimate!