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Turf and Grass Install

Yes, you have a lawn, and it’s a perfect emerald green well-maintained lawn, it’s not just a reflection of the effort that you’ve put into maintaining it, but it’s also a reflection of the contractors installation work that, a time ago installed a new lawn, developed its bones – the foundation for the grassy surface that you now call your back or front yard. Yes, the lawns on our properties, to this day continue to represent the ‘rug that ties the room together’ on your property. And lawns continue to, despite the fact that homeowners, sometimes much loathing of their care needs, lawn cutting and watering and irrigation etc; that there historically and to this day a homeowners main expression of wealth across the yard.

A properly installed lawn lays the foundation for a yard and your years of enjoyment and memories upon it.

Oakstead Tree and Property Care can remove, install, or rebuild your lawns that are old and weedy and neglected, by both seed and by installing pre-cut turf.

Fact: did you know that lawns were originally a sign of aristocratic wealth. But instead of being maintained and cut by machines and lawn mowers, sheep grazed the emerald green fields that we’ve grown to enjoy in our backyards Canada-wide.