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Lawn Aeration

A good edict to follow with soil care is the following:

  • For soil to grow, it must be alive (i.e. It must have a diverse microbiome)
  • For soil to thrive, it must have oxygen and water
  • And lastly, for soil to persist, it must be vegetated

Some signs that your lawn is overdue for aeration:

  • Your lawn is holding surface water, or isn’t draining properly
  • Your lawn gets heavy use by people and animals
  • Your lawn is a nearly fresh install and is still establishing itself
  • Your lawn is heavy with thatch or dropped grass clippings

If any of the above items pertain to your lawn, consider getting your lawn aerated. Spring or summer is the best time to get your lawn aerated because the warm weather will ensure the grass regenerates quickly over the ground and created plug holes.

Oakstead Tree and Property Care Inc. is a full service tree and property care company In British Columbia serving Sidney, Saanich to Victoria BC and up to the Cowichan District and Duncan Area.  We specialize in lawn care of all kinds, including lawn core aeration on both residential and commercial properties. With over 35 combined years of landscape, tree and garden experience, you are in good hands.

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