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Mowing and Edging

We have a minimum charge of $150 for a “one-time” lawn cut unless it is part of an annual lawn care program. We highly recommend you give us a call at our office at 250-652-9223 about our lawn care programs if you are looking for a consistent and reliable lawn mowing service in the Saanich and Victoria BC area.

For some, lawn mowing and edging is a basic task of property care. For others, lawn mowing and trimming is a more complicated affair. There is a spectrum of care standards from one property owner to another from the top at luxury lawn care all the way down to cost-effective budget lawn mowing service.

Types of lawns that we service:

  • Big Lawns (>0.5 acre)
  • Small residential lawns
  • Narrow/limited access lawns

Different ways that you can save money using our lawn mowing services:

  • broadcast cut lawn clippings instead of having us bag and dispose
  • have us bag and dispose of lawn clippings on your site
  • keep a lawn free and open, avoid placing plant pots and ornamental objects across or at your lawns edges
  • for trees that share the lawn, keep tree branches above 6 feet in height, or have one of our arborists prune them
  • don’t let your lawn overgrow before hiring us
  • consider one of Our annual lawn mowing programs

What you can expect from us when we appraise your lawn:

  • One of our lawn mowing experts will schedule an in person visit to view your property and lawn
  • At our visit, we will evaluate your lawns location, access and the types of services your after
  • We will then advise you on the frequency at which we can cut your lawn and availability

To find out where you fit, visit this link to view our regular service map

You also need to have all of the corners of your property edged properly.

Typically we see edging as really important with properties that have gardens abutt a lawn. An edge needs to be established and maintained so the grass doesn’t creep into the guard and ruin the transition that we typically see in quality maintained landscape or at least for the transition between.  we can make straight, sheer lawn edges, we can make 45 degree angle grass edges or we can just trim grass so that wherever the mower doesn’t go, we get the grass thats tall next to where the lawnmower can reach. It’s up to you, but with Oakstead, your choosing a good lawn mowing service and by starting your lawn mowing program with us, you guarantee that your lawn will be taken after with the consistency and diligence that you demand.

All of our lawns are mowed with Honda Commercial GXE line of mowers.

If you are interested in any of our lawn mowing and edging services that we offer, consider starting the conversation with us soon by calling us at 250-652-9223.