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Cabling and Bracing

Why is cabling and bracing important?


Trees, just like us people, sometimes need physical treatment to heal. There are many reasons for needing treatment: storm damage, vehicle collisions, etc. Some trees grow awkwardly and naturally develop a tilt where a one-time correction will fix its problems. Mature trees with physical damage may not need to be removed but can be strengthened using a cabling and bracing system. A weak tree will often become weaker and that can lead to any number of issues:

  • Weak boughs (the largest branches) collapse causing landscape and property damage.
  • Unhealthy trees lower property value.
  • Weak trees will eventually die and that will hurt the environment that protects the birds, squirrels, and many others.

At Oakstead, we offer two kinds of Cabling and Bracing tree  strengthening systems.

Static and dynamic tree support systems


Static or dynamic tree support helps mature trees when the stability of the tree is not too far advanced.

Dynamic systems usually apply to the crown of the tree. We affix ropes between branches or small trunks using nylon straps that do not damage the tree. The nylons straps give the tree branches more room to move and reshape themselves more naturally. You can see the example of dynamic tree support in the first picture below.

Static systems primarily use cables or braces (rods) that are bolted through the tree trunk or branches. These rods are more rigid than the nylon straps that dynamic support provides. This provides more security, and prevents the movement that dynamic systems allow. You can find an example of static systems in the second picture.

The method chosen normally depends on a variety of circumstances and conditions at the tree.

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