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Tree Planting

Planting a tree is one of the most generous things you can do for the future of your property and your neighborhood.

The best times to plant trees are in the Spring, once soil temperatures are warm enough, and again in the Fall, while soils are still slightly warm so that the roots can establish themselves before the winter.

The importance of selecting the correct species for the site cannot be over emphasized. In particular, match the size and site requirements to the tree.
Tree nursery stock comes as Bare Root, Balled & Burlapped, or in pots. Its always good to have a close examination of the tree condition. Examine the branches, trunk, and root collar carefully for defects, signs of insect pests, or disease.

Balled & Burlap trees and potted trees often require at least two strong people to move.

At the planting site ensure that your planting hole is only “just deep enough”, so that the root collar is exactly at the original grade of the soil. Planting hole width varies depending on soil conditions. If the native soil is good, there should be no reason to purchase soil. Depending on the tree condition consider providing support for the tree, but remember not to leave it on for more than a few years once it is established. Place 2 inches of mulch around the base of tree to keep free of grass and weed competition, and preserve moisture, but do not place it against the tree trunk.

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