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Garden Planting

How can Oakstead help your Garden?

That open space in your garden is calling for some blooming flowers and trees this coming spring!

Oakstead Tree & Property Care specializes in garden planting in the Saanich Peninsula.

Tree planting, Garden planting, flower installs and landscaping in the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria Area.

What services does Oakstead provide?

  • Garden planting
  • Tree transplanting
  • Tree planting
  • Annual planting
  • Garden flower arrangements
  • Palm tree planting and transplanting
  • NatureScaping (using native plants)

What you can expect when you hire Oakstead?

  1. After you contact us we will set up a first time consultation with you at your site
  2. We will discuss your needs and wants, and help illuminate the steps to planting in your garden.
  3. Based on your planting site, we will make plant and tree recommendations as needed.
  4. With all of the steps laid out, we will plant, build and maintain your garden!
  5. With regular service, and judicious tree and plant pruning, your garden will grow into a beautifully manicured space.

A breakdown on typical tree planting tasks

  • Tree, shrub, bush, perennial, and flower planting. Ask yourself, “ I patient?” Most of our customers want to purchase the most established (and often biggest) tree that is possible to install, this factor is often at odds with keeping costs low. Big trees often, but not always have extra planting and planning requirements than smaller trees such as: utility locating and inspections, heavy material handling needs, machine installation, and navigating the complexities of other subsurface barriers to name a few.
  • Subsurface ground conditions. It isn’t always possible to know exactly what is underneath the ground. Sometimes adjustments to expectations and planting location is needed.
  • Material handling requirements. If a tree is large, the requirements to move that tree will be more as well, sometimes even needing machines.
  • Tree and plant inspection. As arborists, Oakstead Tree & Property Care staff are well acquainted with tree biology and known species defects. We can inspect nursery stock to ensure that plants and trees stand the best chances in your garden.


Oakstead Tree & Property Care is full of experts at plant and tree installs, tree planting and tree transplanting.

Oakstead Tree and Property Care is a full service tree and property care company in British Columbia serving Sidney, Langford, Colwood, North Saanich down to Victoria BC and up to the Cowichan District and Duncan Area. We specialize in plant and tree installs, tree planting and tree installation on both residential and commercial properties in the Saanich Peninsula and Southern Vancouver Island. With over 35 combined years of landscape, tree and garden experience, you are in good hands with Us.