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Moss Control

It’s funny, if you visit other places in North America people actually desire to have you sprinkle moss in between the cracks in their lawn or within the rocky cracks or upon ornamental landscapes in order to create a certain look and feel. But in Victoria BC and surrounding coastal areas, moss is usually an unwanted byproduct of living along the coast.

Oakstead Tree and Property Care can deal with your lawn moss challenges. We can apply iron sulfide kill off mosses, and allow grass to fill in much were the Mosses. We can additionally overseed and top dress which both can be a great solution if you have a partly shaded lawn or or a fully shaded lawn.

Fact #1: Did you know that moss actually spreads by tiny spores rather than by seeds?

Fact #2: The best defence against moss in your lawn, is a strong, healthy lawn.

With proper care and management and you’ll be able to enjoy a grassy lawn for longer than you might normally if you hadn’t properly treated the moss in your lawn. Proper lawn and grass care can also help with mitigating the effects and growth of mosses.  Moss requires an active role from the homeowner via either hiring a contractor such as Oakstead tree and property care to handle your Moss control needs or through self management as a homeowner.

If you are interested in any of the moss control services that we offer, consider starting the conversation with us soon by calling us at 250-652-9223.