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Retaining Wall Construction

There is more to proper retaining wall design than meets the eye. Depending on the lay of the land, how high a retaining wall you want, soil type, and the materials you have in mind, most good retaining walls start below ground, as a minimum. Some things to consider:

  • To make the grade change, do you require one high retaining wall or two low ones.
  • Consider best approach to maintaining good drainage.
  • Given that the retaining wall will be installed at a slight angle, refer to a¬†gravity wall table to determine reinforcement requirements, and determine setback requirements.
  • Ensure you install wall rock (compactable size) at the base and directly behind the wall. This will give you a rock-lock effect, and minimize settling.
  • Ensure you are not using clay or heavy organic soil for back-fill.

Give Oakstead a call first, and we will come by an make an assessment of your situation and vision. If circumstances are extremely unstable, an engineer may be required, but we can certainly help you with making that determination.

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