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Rototilling & Cultivating

You’re a busy person that wants to enjoy the warm, calm air of a sunny summer day planting perennials. Over the winter the soil has become stiff and unfriendly to the plants you’re about to grow. Now, you could take your spade and break up the dirt clumps for hours, depending on the size of your garden. Or Oakstead could come and bring our rototiller and prepare your garden-bed for you in a fraction of the time at your convenience.

How does it work?

Rototillers work by “cutting” up the soil with steel blades so as to aerate the earth. This will allow seeds to germinate and access more nutrients thus allowing better and faster growth. Not to mention making it easier to plant and pull weeds! A lot naysayers will comment that a lot of gardens can survive without being tilled, and that’s true. But they always admit that tilling helps gardens thrive, and that’s the point. You can do anything you want with your garden but if you want it to be the best, then tilling it is the way to go!

When should I start?

The best time to till your garden is right before garden season or right after garden season. Thankfully, the island’s climate to so temperate that this range is a long larger than other places in the world. This gives us the ability to till during the summer without causing too many issues.

  • If it’s too cold, the earth won’t be easily tilled and you won’t get maximum effectiveness.
  • If it’s too hot, the loosened earth will dry out in the hot sun faster than it would if it was compact.

What do you use?

We use an industry standard Husqvarna 700 D Rototiller. This rototiller rakes 7 inches deep and 17 inches wide, the perfect size for medium to large gardens on residential property. If you’ve got a different property in mind, ask anyways! We’re always happy to answer questions about any of our services.

Lastly, because of how rototillers work we kindly ask that all gardens be at least 6 feet in length so as to not damage the machine. Constant starts-and-stops hurt the engine.