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Tree, Shrub, and Hedge Planting

In an ideal world, the planting locations of trees, shrubs, and hedge would be determined together. These plants make up the “bones” of your gardens and property. They would all be individually located with consideration for the location of others: shrubs would located based on tree locations. And the locations of other perennials and annuals would work with the location of shrubs and trees. And ideally everything would be situated with interesting structure, and distribution of colors, and textures. But the ideal situation seldom presents itself in real life. Then we have to adapt and be creative about working with what is there. Oakstead’s arborist or horticulturalist can help you sort these challenges out, and achieve the sanctuary you are seeking.

Sprinklers are another major consideration when planting trees, shrubs, and hedges. Sprinklers should not be located or set to spray directly onto tree trunks.

With respect to hedges, Oakstead can recommend the right species for your situation. There are many to choose from depending on you objectives, and site conditions. Some species are well adapted to a variety of site conditions and harsh weather, other are more particular about wear they live. Species like Pyracantha (firethorn), can provide security. Pyramid cedars are not drought tolerant and require irrigation.

When you come to planning a hedge, consider planting a “hedge row”.  A hedge row is different than a hedge in that it includes a variety different species. It can still give you the privacy you need but with a much more pleasing and interesting display different heights, shapes and colors. Call Oakstead for help with choosing the right tree species for your hedge or hedgerow, and getting them properly planted in their best possible location.