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Rainwater Irrigation Systems

Rainwater harvesting is the capture and storage of rainwater for landscape irrigation, non-potable use and return of storm water to the aquifer. The benefits of using rainwater for your outdoor supply are:

  • Reduction in your water bill and demand on the public water supply
  • No restrictions on water use (i.e. watering restrictions don’t apply to rainwater).
  • Reduces water entering the storm-water system which reduces environmental damage at outlets areas.
  • Returns used and unused water to the groundwater supply
  • Better for the environment.

You can calculate the volume of water you may need to store in tanks. Average rainfall for the region is about 1000 mm/year, with the majority coming from October to March. If you were collecting water from your roof you would calculate at follows:

Rainfall amt.(mm) x Rooftop area (m2) = Rain collected (litres)

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