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Tree Pruning

Pruning a conifer is different that pruning a deciduous tree; pruning an apple tree is different than pruning a cherry tree; pruning an old country rose is different than pruning a modern bush rose; pruning raspberries is different than pruning grapes, pruning an old tree is different than pruning a young tree; some trees should be pruned during dormancy and some should be pruned in the summer, shearing is not pruning, and topping is not pruning. A neglected fruit tree can take 3-5 year to restore. Some trees need very little pruning.

It can be quite confusing. We can help you to sort all that out. What is important is that your pruning is done by someone who prunes according to the Canadian Landscape Standards or ANSI (The American National Standards Institute). Our ISA Certified Arborist is obliged to ensure that standard is provided to you.

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